Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Plein Air

This afternoon the air was heavy and warm and smelled like the rain that was soon to be.  The girls flung the upstairs door open after naps and got busy hauling what they needed onto the deck for some plein air painting and pillow flopping. 

They played so well together I hardly recognized them as my own.  I think Genevieve learned a lot from her cousin Cecilia during their visit - she's suddenly sweet and loving to her baby sister and seems to show real concern for her well being.  This is refreshing.  I hope it sticks.

Here's their impromptu el fresco play room:

I enjoyed the birds eye view of my garden, our glorious view of Samish Bay, and the clicking melody of the ducks as they worked over the slough mud at low tide:

I also had a twinge of loneliness for friends who I don't see enough of.  This pile of quilts and blankets and "Steve" randomly selected and dragged outside by the girls were all made for them by people outside of our tiny domestic sphere who love them:

Good thing my friend Alyson is coming for a visit tomorrow afternoon for a visit to mix it up a bit! 

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