Friday, April 6, 2012

Amateur Day in the Kitchen

I've had this Easter cookie cutter kit clanging around in the back of a cabinet for years and decided this was the year to give it a go.  Go big or go home.  Oh wait, I'm home.  Genevieve was there to snag sugar and butter and provide moral support:

Here's what we started with.  That doesn't look so hard, right?:

Wrong!  There were a billion steps and Marguerite thought the whole project was bunk and something to be sabotaged, resulting in an extreme event.  I need to talk to my mom union about hazard pay.

Here are mine:

Genevieve:  Does my bunny look a little bloody to you mom?  It's not supposed to.

Marguerite decided to move on to something else and had her own serious kitchen project to focus on:

Now both girls are burning off some sugar in the sand box.

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