Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Strawberries and Cream

Kids tables aren't just for Thanksgiving anymore,

I was able to sit shoulder to shoulder with Drew and enjoy dinner without a squirmy kid on my lap, and enjoyed the best view of sister dining harmony ever.

Drew and I recounted the crazy birth of Genevieve, our Strawberry Harvest Moon baby turning four in the morning.  I'll elaborate more on that moon tomorrow.

Speaking of strawberries, here was dessert from the garden (plus some poor lactating bovine sister, but I won't think too hard about that).

Strawberries and cream falls on my exclusive top ten list of favorite things to eat. 

The girls made a bed in the yard while we cleaned up the dinner aftermath and giggled and body slammed each other in that order.  I love watching them through the windows, catching glimpses of their sisterhood.  I also love having them temporarily out of ear shot so Drew and I can have an exchange of complete sentences.

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