Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Barking Mom, Dungees, and Living Sculpture

The first 5 hours of the day were unpleasant for me - and everyone within earshot of me .  While working on our dry wall from upstairs, Lindolfo overheard me snap, "Stop whining!  I'm out of patience!" to my brown eyed girls.  The dad at the playground overheard me say, "no, you can't have a banana because the smell of them makes me dry heave" and gave me a once over that obviously placed me in his mental bad mom category.  A mom at the deli gave me a sympathetic, knowing, and somewhat concerned smile when I hissed, "bum or knees in your chair now, or we're leaving without lunch." 

Marguerite checked my lack of balance by asking, "Mama's patience?  Where?" with her little palms turned up and her brow furrowed in question.  Shit.  Cool your heals mama.  Stop being so uptight.  Mea culpa.

Things got better when we came home to find a gigantic garbage bag in our frig.

This only means one thing, Dungees for dinner!  I can't eat crab without singing my 7th grade science teacher's diddy, "Echinodermata!  Echinodermata!  A spiny skinned organism." 

I harvested beets and carrots from the garden to accompany our acquired bounty:


While peeling the skin off of these meaty garden jewels I overheard Genevieve yell from outside, "Mom!  We've found something amazing!  Come quick!  It isn't a sculpture!"

With a set up like that I had to check it out.  I found them laying on their bellies, quietly watching this:

What a relief that they live in the moment.  That their barking mom of the morning is eagerly invited to share in their afternoon of discovery and joy. 

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