Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Living on the Edge

Question:  How many dangerous things are happening in this photo?


The Obvious Dangers:
1.  knives
2.  sitting unattended on a counter
3.  hot toaster
4.  unprotected electrical outlet
5.  close proximity to the stove

The Not-So-Obvious Dangers:
1.  Mama hasn't had her cup of morning coffee yet.
2.  That mug you see does not yet have coffee in it.
3.  Boiling hot water in tea kettle, waiting to become coffee.
4.  If I don't let her sit on the counter while I make my coffee she screams "On counter! On Counter!  Shit (sit) on counter!" so loud it could cause ear damage.

The Upside:
1.  There isn't actually shit on the counter.
2.  Nobody has been cut, burned or broken yet as a result of this morning routine.
3.  I did eventually get my coffee made and consumed.

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