Thursday, September 6, 2012

House Project: Trim, Doors, Vanity

The trim was started today.

This was after the unnecessarily panicked voicemail I left Drew that sounded something like, "the girls walked all over the wet paint on the trim that was drying on the porch and ruined it!"  Turns out second coats of paint really do serve a purpose.

I'm in love with these doors for two reasons:

1.  They are beautiful and exactly what I wanted and,

2.  We actually have rooms with doors in our house!

I can't help myself - I have to share a bathroom vanity sneak peak:

(there will be a mirror in the medicine cabinet).

A little bit of the old still peaks through, a reminder of the bones of this old building we call home:

Next Up:
More trim.  More cabinets.

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