Sunday, February 24, 2013

House Project: Art Revisited

Drew and I found ourselves with.....TIME this weekend to get a few projects done on the house.  Time seems to be our most precious and fleeting resource. 

The majority of our art collection has been taking up storage space in the gallery since we did our major blow out upstairs last summer.  I reacquainted myself with them while dusting off their neglected frames.  Our art collection is taking form as a timeline of our lives together.  A story, a place, a time, an artist to remember. 

Here are a few favorites. 

Becky Fletcher's (come see her new show, opening this Saturday at the gallery) cherry blossoms are cheering up the end of the hallway:

Todd Horton graces the well above the bath tub.  Well, his art does, not Todd himself.  Todd hanging on the wall above the bath tub would be all wrong:

And Jasmine Valandani's work greats us in almost every room of our house, now including the entrance to our bedroom:

On less creative, but just as satisfying fronts, Drew hung the new rack in our downstairs bathroom/laundry room.   

I can see clearly now, the crap is gone:

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  1. "I can see clearly now the crap is gone" correction the crap is organized. Which is better than getting rid of it.