Sunday, August 4, 2013

I Could Live There

The Seattle News recently featured an article  about day tripping to the Samish Valley, including Edison.  When I finished reading it I was thinking, "that place sounds amazing, I want to visit there.  Oh wait, I live here."  Here I am, living my life, and sometimes forgetting to look up and around and out.  Today, we went looking.  

We started off with a gigantic ice cream cone at Snow Goose Produce on Fir Island.

We went to Blake's Landing and dipped our toes in the river while we watched boats launch.  Drew checked in on some bazillion year old Fir Trees he was having milled there while the girls and I tested out every variety of buoy swing.  

Nap time and impractical shoes kept us from walking out towards Craft Island, so we  admired it from a distance with plans to come for a hike another day. 

We came home to a cooler full of dungeness crab dropped off by a neighbor.  I shelled crab sloughside while the girls rested and Drew got the boat ready for an adventure.

Boat loaded, out the slough, around the bay, circle around twice to fish my hat out of the water, wind up the Samish River then turn for home.

Crab melts for dinner.

Sunset from the deck. 

Glad we went looking, and yes, I could live here.


  1. your folks and I agree, we could be there too, know of any good real estate deals really close to the water???? haven't seen any RM's until today, did I miss some, I'm trying to remember that gmail has a new format and to make it work for me, hello to the girls!( and Drew), Love Me

    1. Hi Lynne,
      Did you catch this one? Otherwise, no other post-Alaska posts.

      Marguerite was talking about you this morning. That she wanted you to come to our house and paint her nails. She thinks you'd like that. You're still officially her best friend! XO

    2. Whoops, I meant to post a link to this one: