Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Fair

We made it to the fair this year, vowing to not miss it again after Genevieve's vocal disappointment last year. 

In our success at remembering to attend, we forget some essentials.  The stroller.  My camera.  Water.  Sunscreen.  WTF.  You'd think with five years of parenting under our belts we'd be a little more on it.

I also officially am no more fun.  This was discovered at the top of the Ferris Wheel, circa 1910 (that's an exaggeration, but really people, it was rickety).  Instead of sitting back all relaxed and happy (as my husband was) I was gripping the handle and the skirt of Marguerite's dress, choking back visions of her slipping over the edge and falling to her death.  Good times! 

I decided to stay grounded after that, weighting myself down with funnel cakes and curly fries.

Animals, cotton candy, rides, and displays of random collections we're highlights for the girls, balancing out my fear, sore arms and $200 spent. 

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