Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mom View, Bay View

There's this commonality between an Alaskan childhood and a Pacific Northwest childhood.  When the sun is out, go outside and soak up every bit of it!

I almost missed the mark on this one today.  Torn between getting chores done at home and the never ending drudgery that keeps our heads above squalor and....going to the beach! 

I made the right choice, with a little nudge from my ever-level-headed husband.

Bay View State Park.  An 11 minute drive from our house.   A whole different sandy watery world.

The best place to wear a homemade seashell bikini while launching off rocks.

The best place for sandy toes on a pile of quilts, a patchwork of my past.  Rick rack, a favorite beacon of the '70's.

These girls.  This beach.  This sun.  This life.

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