Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wide Margins, Double Spaced

A rainy morning, started off early and slow.  Walked G to school, took the long way home.  Perused the garden for new signs of life....short lived life, slug and snail life that met an early end.  Survival of the fittest plays out when it comes to protecting the tender new green of my garden and tossing tasty morsels to the ducks feeding on the slough.

Followed by another cup of coffee and reading books with my littlest little. 

Today opened wide, just me and a three year old.  Not every day am I so graceful at enjoying what is before me.  Today I was.

I watched her dance,

 I recognized the hurry and rush that would come with my afternoon plans and bagged them, choosing hot chocolate and more books and snuggles and slow cooking instead.  I am grateful for this life we're living, full of wide margins and ad lib schedules.  It wasn't always this spacious.  Now it is, and I can feel it all the way through.

Rain joined the sun in a late evening dance and nod.

 Lights out and we fold in.

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  1. it's all too precious, enjoying from the sidelines, M is a sweetie pie and wishing to see you all soon! Love Lynne