Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter Garden

So quickly in November I turn my back on my garden and my attention inside.  Just as quickly I start feeling cooped up.  The NFL is too loud.  The cats keep fighting.  The endless cycle of domesticity that has no beginning or end.  Today I recognized my bursting-at-the-seems need for earth and air.  I re-entered my winter garden.  Harvested chard and carrots for my lunch, cut back the dahlias and tucked them in to their leaf pile blanket, dead headed the hydrangea hedge, weeded.  Assessed what still needs my attention.  I've lived in the Pacific Northwest for 17 years now and still am learning the rhythms of a mild winter.  Lush green grass, blooming cyclamen, endless weeds, food still growing for harvest.  Low sunlight pouring in. 

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  1. This is IDEAL! congrats, Love Lynne loved the pics of the girls BTW