Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mom View, Bay View

There's this commonality between an Alaskan childhood and a Pacific Northwest childhood.  When the sun is out, go outside and soak up every bit of it!

I almost missed the mark on this one today.  Torn between getting chores done at home and the never ending drudgery that keeps our heads above squalor and....going to the beach! 

I made the right choice, with a little nudge from my ever-level-headed husband.

Bay View State Park.  An 11 minute drive from our house.   A whole different sandy watery world.

The best place to wear a homemade seashell bikini while launching off rocks.

The best place for sandy toes on a pile of quilts, a patchwork of my past.  Rick rack, a favorite beacon of the '70's.

These girls.  This beach.  This sun.  This life.

Monday, April 28, 2014


Heads up rolly poly bugs and earthworms of Edison, we've got Townhouses available for rent, limited oxygen, food, water and handling included.

Sunny, slow evenings on the cottage porch.  A view of gymnastics show offs.

A moment of rest.

We feel you coming, summer.  A nip in the air our only reminder that it's a school night.  Time to go in.  Time to wind down.

Photo credit: Tami

Time to forecast for more.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Whole Family Day

I perused the community events calendar over coffee on Saturday morning, feeling the need to get out and about.  "Oooh, the new medical clinic is having an open house.  Build your own first aid kit.  That sounds fun!" I said sarcastically.  "We have to do that mom - that sounds AMAZING!" 

Off we went.  Pleasantly surprised to see some of our favorite artists' work on display.

 The opportunity to play doctor in a REAL clinic was another highlight.

Margaritas and tacos at Calle next, ducking out of the chaos and herds of pit bulls gracing the Street Fair in Mount Vernon.  

Obligatory fried dough and chotchkies.

Porch sitting at home.

Whole family days.  The best days.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fairy Migration

The fairies are back from their winter migration to California.  I have them to thank for my time spent at 6:30 this morning while the girls still slept, in my pajamas, in the rain, scavenging the yard for oyster shell beds and flower petal blankets to show evidence that their moving van made it up the coast.

Fairies don't like swearing I reminded myself after slipping in the mud.


Two tablecloths, some stunner shades, and a lot of confidence is a beautiful thing.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Windowed Day

I've always looked out the window a lot.  As a kid, watching my mom work in her garden.  My dad chop wood.  My brother launch the sledding hill.  Now, my husband mowing the lawn, the cat violating some freshly turned earth, my daughters cartwheeling across the grass, my garden in the rain. 

Today was a window day.

Rain.  Giving covered porches a purpose since the beginning of dwellings.

Rain.  Keeping me out of the mix.  Turning my eye to a more distant view of the garden.

Rain kissed daphnes brought in (note G looking out the window in the background).

Rain.  An excuse to stay in and dig through a box of old photos searching for gems.

Genevieve:  I think it's really weird that you and dad got married in a car.

Me:  Nope.  This is the getaway car.

Genevieve:  Was there a bear?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Chocolate Breakfast, Writing Desk and a Vallee Family Easter

6:20 AM on a Sunday morning.  BOOM!  Little feet hit the ground running,we think the Easter Bunny has been here and we're freaking out we're so excited and we haven't even had chocolate for breakfast yet!!!!!!

Drew was in the middle of preparing our Easter meal when I declared that I NEEDED a writing desk in our room, and that it NEEDED to happen somewhere between scalloped potatoes and ham going in the oven.  He checked in with a "really?  This needs to happen right now?" and then trudged up and down the stairs doing the inevitable heavy lifting that comes with spontaneous furniture rearranging - with no prior planning or measuring.

It was worth it!  I know have a designated space to write that is peaceful and mine all mine.

Our meal was delicious and shared with Grandparents.  Here we are all spiffed up, awaiting their arrival.

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 19, 2014


This late night surprise making I get to do, it really is one of the perks of being a mama.  A dark, quiet house, ready and waiting for two little girls in the morning.

We Invited Her In

Spring doesn't want to stick.  Rain and wind botching our Easter Egg hunt fun.  So we invited her in for a hot cup of tea, with lots of honey and milk:

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wide Margins, Double Spaced

A rainy morning, started off early and slow.  Walked G to school, took the long way home.  Perused the garden for new signs of life....short lived life, slug and snail life that met an early end.  Survival of the fittest plays out when it comes to protecting the tender new green of my garden and tossing tasty morsels to the ducks feeding on the slough.

Followed by another cup of coffee and reading books with my littlest little. 

Today opened wide, just me and a three year old.  Not every day am I so graceful at enjoying what is before me.  Today I was.

I watched her dance,

 I recognized the hurry and rush that would come with my afternoon plans and bagged them, choosing hot chocolate and more books and snuggles and slow cooking instead.  I am grateful for this life we're living, full of wide margins and ad lib schedules.  It wasn't always this spacious.  Now it is, and I can feel it all the way through.

Rain joined the sun in a late evening dance and nod.

 Lights out and we fold in.