Sunday, April 13, 2014

New Camera, April Garden, Porch Sitting

I replaced my camera, it's predecessor obliterated by my darling daughters during a rogue photo shoot on the sandy beaches of Hawaii.  I paid the extra $30 for the damage warranty this time - alas, I am deep in the damage warranty phase of life and have run out of high places and extreme threats to thwart destruction.  Little tyrants.

This last photo of winter recovered from the dead camera captures my favorite February memory.  A pile of our hats and mittens in the middle of the table on a hot chocolate date:

Winter nostalgia aside, Spring is here!!!

Drinking beer on the sun filled porch with friends is happening:

Edison is hopping, filled with day trippers and motorcycles and oyster eaters.  Just three doors down the slough from us was this lovely scene today, an oyster party at Slough Food, Tami in her pretty blue dress:

 The gallery got a facelift, new sign and porch (railings still in progress) to polish up the joint:

The wood tent turned into a wood shed:

Are you ready to get inundated with pictures from my April garden?  It's gearing up for a glorious season, pulling me outside and reconnecting me to this spot we've sculpted and grown.

 I'll sign off with this gem.  Genevieve, and her garbage-bag-mermaid little sister.

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