Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dye It

Step 1:
Put on your swimsuit.  According to Genevieve and Marguerite this is essential....and mandatory.

Step 2:
Enter into a lengthy conversation about what even means - attempt to find a loophole in my definition of even by getting more eggs than your sister.  Cry about how unfair all of this fairness is.

Step 3:
Stop crying and decide you'd rather be shoulder to shoulder with your sister dying eggs.

Step 4:
Get more dye on your fingers than on the eggs.

Step 5:
Show off your creations, try not to drop them on the granite counter top.

Step 6:
Interrogate your mom about the Easter Bunny, his powers, if powers are real, if magic is real, if the Easter Bunny is actually just a creepy man dressed up in a costume tiptoeing around your house at night hiding candy that he stole from your parents.

Step 7:
Encourage your mom to pour herself a glass of wine before she starts cleaning up.

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