Sunday, April 20, 2014

Chocolate Breakfast, Writing Desk and a Vallee Family Easter

6:20 AM on a Sunday morning.  BOOM!  Little feet hit the ground running,we think the Easter Bunny has been here and we're freaking out we're so excited and we haven't even had chocolate for breakfast yet!!!!!!

Drew was in the middle of preparing our Easter meal when I declared that I NEEDED a writing desk in our room, and that it NEEDED to happen somewhere between scalloped potatoes and ham going in the oven.  He checked in with a "really?  This needs to happen right now?" and then trudged up and down the stairs doing the inevitable heavy lifting that comes with spontaneous furniture rearranging - with no prior planning or measuring.

It was worth it!  I know have a designated space to write that is peaceful and mine all mine.

Our meal was delicious and shared with Grandparents.  Here we are all spiffed up, awaiting their arrival.

Happy Easter!

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  1. Know that Man labeled Husband and Father is the most coveted fellow for his "follow thru", gotta love a MAN for that!!!!!!! that family pic is gorgeous! you all look especially fabulous!!!!!!!! Just Saying!!!! Love, Lynne