Wednesday, April 2, 2014


It's like picking up the phone and visiting with an old friend that too much time has crept between you.  Where to start?  But like a good friend, I'll just pick up where I left off, laughing about our mistakes and leaps and hectic-with-a-dash-of-boring lives. 

Here I am.  My camera lost at sea.  My cell phone pictures crappy.  My children surely bigger.  My garden unfurling from its winter layer.  My hair shorter.  My travels circling me back to home.

Most importantly, let me mark this historic time that has lapsed with a Super Bowl win.  I was screaming and crazed and so excited when we won.  Then I promptly celebrated my favorite season - the one where there is no football.  Honesty is the best policy.  I indeed am a fair weather fan - but genuinely happy for my husband when he rested his head on his pillow that night, surely the best day of his life.

Moving right along to Maui.  Oh, Maui.  You beautiful, taunting, unobtainable vixen.  You're not real!  Your're only in my dreams!  Thank you for flirting with me for just a bit...and leaving the door cracked open til next time.  Hussy. 

We left for Maui in a snow storm:

And came home to Spring.  Swell timing I say:

Spring cleaning abounds:

My parents spent a week with us.  My dad kindly made two little girls' dreams come true by building the Vallee Sisters Cafe:

My mom and I fit in the appropriate amount of escape and debauchery, including a bloody mary lunch date with Tami:

It was nice catching up with you, and taking a moment to reflect on life's bits. 


  1. Beautiful pictures.
    Missed you

  2. I missed your musings also, happy to see everyone so healthy and smiling! who doesn't love spring, Lynne