Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Imperfection We Do Well

I never cry wolf.  I sent Drew a text, "If you came home at 4:30 today that'd be alright with me."  Home he sauntered.  Covered in sawdust.  Tired.  Loose ends surely left hanging at the shop to come home early.  Our kitchen was blown up with an over zealous Valentine's cookie project.  Marguerite was laying in the cat bed sobbing because her nose hurt from her cold.  Genevieve was reciting in her outside voice, two inches from my ear, all of the reasons why she won't eat food touched by other people, only food touched by mom or dad.  Even if she was starving.  A germaphobe in the making. We broke out of our house of cards, went outside and watched Daddy add mentos to pepsi, Genevieve's "dream come true" science experiment finally coming to glorious, fleeting, exploding fruition.

We made it through dinner/bath/bed.  I picked up where I left off with cookies, slightly less regretful about not just buying them at the store when I saw them, all uniform and pink and red and sprinkled. 

Imperfection we do well.

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  1. Andrea and family, where are you?, here I am on my "nothing to do" vacation, with all the time in the world to look at the internet and I don't see you, hope it is because you are all relaxing with no need to connect to the rest of us who love hearing what's going on in your world! Hugs to the girls(if they'll remember me) and you both, Lynne
    We're driving out of Mexico and will leave our vehicle in Oregon until it is good for me to head up north, you're on my way so I hope to stop in again on that trip. it won't be for awhile, not sure at all, but will contact you in advance, geesh,now I'm excited again!!!!!!