Friday, February 7, 2014

Edison Bird Festival Eve

Tomorrow is the Third Annual Edison Bird Festival.  The girls and I burst out of Joanne's in a flurry of feather boas earlier today in a last minute rush to put together our chicken costumes for the "Be the Chicken" parade through town.

If you are local, have a chicken costume/kiddos who like to dress up/live chickens you want to flaunt through town, please join us.  It's kooky and fun.

11:00 – 11:15am – “Be the Chicken!” Chicken Parade, Downtown Edison
“Be the Chicken” in the kick-off parade for the Third Annual Edison Bird Festival! Dressing up like a chicken or safely corralling live chickens is a plus. Parade will start at the Old Edison Inn on Cains Court and end at the bend in the road by the Longhorn Saloon.

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The gallery floor is currently covered in bird paintings in the process of being hung for the Bird Show, opening tomorrow in the gallery.

Genevieve busted out a couple of masterpieces of her own to contribute:

 Come support our ambitious little town this weekend!

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