Sunday, January 19, 2014

House Project: Illuminated

We've been living in the dark.  Now, alas, let there be light.

Want to see what you're cooking?

Simple solution:  put bulbs in the hood dumbie (that's me).  What did you think those gaping black holes were for, anyway?!

Want to see while you read or knit or stare into the fireplace with vacant early morning eyes (again, me) and drink coffee?

Simple solution:  floor lamp

Want to see while you eat?  Especially when it involves meat that requires a close examination and dissection of every bite (you guessed it, me)?

Simple solution:  white metal pendant light over the table, hastily placed, centered on nothing, and mostly in the wrong spot (I'll share responsibility for this one with Drew) but lovely and cradling an Edison bulb to make up for its shortcomings in placement.  Watch out meat.

Want to see while you are doing paperwork at the desk?

Simple solution:  desk lamp.  This isn't new, but proudly playing second fiddle instead of (poorly) providing all of the light on one side of our main living space solo.

Want some ambiance?

Simple solution:  four wall sconces.  With schoolhouse shades because, well, we live in a restored schoolhouse so these are mandatory.

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