Saturday, January 18, 2014

House Project: Shut the Front Door!

A Brief History of the Front Door:
For the nine years we've been here, our door has been a rickety old number.  The door knob was just for decoration - not at all functional.  The only thing holding it closed was a swift kick or hard pull into a crooked jamb.  It swung out instead of in, to answer a knock involved hip checking it open and crossing my fingers that I wouldn't knock someone backwards off the porch with the welcoming swing.  It was grungy white primer until a couple of years ago when we painted it black in an attempt to spiff up our first impression.

Brand spankin' new fir door!  With a doorknob that works!  A house key!  It swings in!  It's air tight!  It's cheery and bright!  Welcome!  Come in!  Nothing to fear, no shacky shack here!

1 comment:

  1. I saw it in progress, this is a beautiful door, but I wonder where that old door went, I thought it was beautiful and useful, I feel like you did too, but Progress! and efficiency dominate, this new door is beautiful and you won't lose a hip or need a transplant soon, makes sense to make it open on the other side! Congrats, Lynne