Saturday, June 14, 2014

Contain It, New Life

I have a new plan for my containers.  I'm mostly planting them with perennials that I can arrange and rearrange on the decks throughout the summer, then I'll put them in the ground in the fall.  I think I'll get more bang for my buck that way.  Or, maybe it's just a really good excuse to justify buying more perennials that I currently don't have any prepared ground for.  You decide.

Please join my in congratulating this new hydgrangea mama:

Last fall, for the first time in recorded history, I actually looked up how to do something the right way.  "How to propagate hydrangeas" I googled.  Easy peasy.  Just bend a branch above a leaf node, breaking it only half way through.  Stick the break in the ground, hold it down with a rock, and let it form it's own root system.  Once roots are formed and signs of new life appear in the spring, cut it completely from the mother plant and you have a new hydrangea! I just saved you $30 at the plant nursery.  You're welcome.

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