Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July in Alaska

Oh July, how you have a way of flying by!  The girls and I spent the earlier half in Alaska visiting family and soaking up what we love about that place.

Beach days.

"This is so amazing!" Genevieve and Marguerite chanted as they raced to the water's edge.  I couldn't have described it better. 

I drew landscape inspiration from what nature cultivated.

Marguerite gathered hearth shaped rocks for Grandmama.

Wild adventures with cousins were had.

Grandmama read the stories of Pierre a hundred times, french braided famously messy hair, and cooked it up.

Genevieve declared, "Grandmama gets the job done!"  and for that we are grateful.

Getting the job done includes obscure things like making her own caviar with an old tennis racket.

Grandpapa somehow managed to evade my camera lens.  He must have been upstairs playing with the grands or walking them through the woods to the fairy stump.

Their house.  Their garden.  A beautiful spot to retreat to.

A home built for an empty nest, spilling over just right with the next generation.

And now we're home, finally making it through unpacking and laundry, the ass end of vacation.

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