Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bouncy Castles and Talking Smack

Last year, when I blogged about Genevieve's birthday party, I talked a little smack about bouncy castles.  This year I present to you a full and complete exhibit of hypocrisy:

The hours leading up to G's party were touch and go.  She woke up too sick to bounce, laying on the stairs of the castle was the most she could muster.

Our plans for an outdoor party were drenched in rain.  Drew's back was hurting.  Things sucked.  "Well, either this is going to be a complete disaster, or we'll pull it off" were Drew's calm words slung towards his stressy wife.  

It worked out.  

We took cover under the porch.  Kids bounced for hours.  Tylenol saved the day. 


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