Sunday, June 2, 2013


First strawberries of the season! 


(Yes, that's right, I took the big juicy ripe one and gave Marguerite the smaller not as ripe one.  Mom of the year right here.)

Drew and I prepped the vegetable garden for the final round of planting while the girls busied themselves with the new doll gymnastics equipment for their "gym." 

Coach Genevieve and Coach Marguerite:

These two girls, who wear swimsuits and sundresses all winter long are now wearing coats and hats outside.  Huh.  

We mixed in some wheel barrel rides, 

worm digging,


plant marker writing,

and sowing seeds,


to make this garden grow.

I should mention the number of times Marguerite screamed "I HAVE MUCUS ON MY NOSE" after crying about not being able to use the sharpie marker to write on her hands.  There were also complaints about the wet grass, wet pant cuffs, scary spiders, too hot, too cold, hungry, and more crying after I took the seed packets out of her fiercely clenched fists.  Sometimes it isn't easy being two. 

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