Thursday, November 14, 2013


Marguerite:  Mama, do you want me to stay little forever?
Me: Yes.
Marguerite:  It's me birthday, though, so I'm going to be doing a bit of growing today, okay?

Yikes, this is my longest time away from Realized Mama, and I have a zillion blog posts stacked up in my brain!  I'll catch up - for now I'll leave you with these gems from Marguerite's birthday and get back to eating out too much, snort laughing with my mom and leaving my kids with my parents for more hours of freedom than I've had in ages!

Here are the dresses Lynne sewed the girls.  Lynne who made my prom dresses and my wedding dress and has hemmed 400 pairs of jeans for me.  Lynne who Marguerite refers to as her best friend.  Lynne who has been the best auntie to me.

Genevieve made the birthday girl a crown:

The cousins sent a package that luckily had everything Marguerite's party was missing...

...including balloons

Cupcakes went the distance:

Three candles were blown out:

Much yearned for ballet slippers and ballet leotard were gifted:

Champagne bottle was polished off by this classy mama:

The birthday girl partied until she dropped:

Yes, Marguerite, we want you to stay little forever, but we sure are having fun watching you grow.

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  1. Such a sweet post, and you know how much I love that classy mama!