Thursday, May 1, 2014

Edging towards Edgy

I'm an extrovert.  Not quite to the T, but pretty much by definition.  Yet, since having two kids, there has crept in this mandatory buffer in my psyche.  It is only needed for thirty minutes.  Not always.  Just sometimes.  It is quiet.  Alone.  No talking.  No touching.  Sometimes thinking.  Sometimes a margarita and a view of sparkling sunshine on water.

Introverts and all of your blah blah blah about needing alone time to recharge - I sort of get you now.  Sort of.

Here I am, today with no deep thoughts, just a span of silence.

And a margarita.  And sparkling sunshine on water.

I put some solid hours in to the garden today.  The hard hours that leave my hand cramped and not much to show for my work - unless you have an eye for an edge.

Maybe that's why I'm a little edgy?!

Here are a few delicate flowers to take the edge off.

 With a new porch on the gallery came a new space to landscape.  I'm still moving perennials here and there until I find just the right spot.  Like stringing beads on a necklace. 

Grass, lavender, euphorpia, and sedum.  Perched where I think I want them, patiently waiting for their holes to be dug.

Maybe planting will happen before Becky Fletcher's opening on Saturday in the gallery?  We'll see what we can pull off.  Either way, come to the show if you can.  Her work is amazing.

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  1. certainly enjoy these musings, could you just come HOME and a talk to US...... certainly enjoy all your quips! Would love to hear you and yours in Person!!!!!!Loved the Profile! you're a stunner! but I am prejudiced, got my reasons...Girl, Love nLynne