Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chicken Parade

The second annual Edison Bird Festival filled this little town with hustle and bustle and feather ruffling this weekend.  Drew put a lot of work into pulling it all off (all planning meetings were held at the Edison Inn, so at least he got to drink beer while working).  The festival starts off with a chicken parade through town, so I covered my little chicks with feathers and shuffled them along in the crowd.

Here's my handsome rooster head and his chicken wrangling homies:

I wanted to make us t-shirts that said "Cock" "Layer" "Chick" "Chick" but listened to my faint voice of reason that told me better to keep things family appropriate - so I'm just writing about it on my mom blog instead.  Like I said, my voice of reason is soft spoken.

Today was less feather-full, but eventful all the same.  BOTH sets of grandparents were here at the same time which made for some over the moon granddaughters.  Action packed weekend!

This mama bird is ready to roost for the night. 

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