Sunday, February 17, 2013

Man Up, Woman

B47.  I19.  N29.  G3.  O16.  Between my squirming 2 year old who was obsessed with the kid-scale bathroom at the elementary school and my entourage of family, we only lasted until intermission at BINGO night.  The highlight was both girls winning their first Barbies.  Genevieve kept squealing with excitement and saying things like, "She's Barbie!  She's the President of the United States of America!  She's the President who lifts her shirt up and wears platform shoes!" Now that's what we need in the White House to really shake things up.

Here's Aunt Anita and Uncle Bob, probably wondering how the hell they found themselves playing BINGO in Edison, WA.  Good sports.

Me:  You like tired.
Drew:  So do you.
Me:  Why are we so tired?
Drew:  Because we're weak.  Stop yawning.  Man up, woman.
Me:  Maybe I should start wearing makeup.  That might help.  Or sleeping.

Here's G showing off her hussy President:

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