Sunday, March 10, 2013

More Grace

In the short window of time between the births of my two daughters Genevieve and I used to make our way to Tweets on a Friday morning for a strong americano and some sort of breakfast or treat.  We'd visit with neighbors, make new friends, and bask in the ambiance of David and Charles.  When Marguerite joined the picture I lost my grip on being out and about.  A two year old and a newborn.  On purpose.  WTF was I thinking I thought to myself while attempting to keep one from tipping over the self serve water or running wildly into the street and the other from eating off the floor or crawling into the frantic kitchen.  Quickly our Friday morning forays came to an end.  Friday was re-coined "mom & daughters" day and we just stayed home instead. 

Things unfold.  Footing can be found.  We took a leap and landed at Tweets again, with more grace and better manners than a year or two ago. 

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