Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stepping Out, Stepping Up

G isn't really a joiner.  She holds back.  Watches.  Gauges.  Decides she'd rather stay home with mom and little sister.  Only wants to do things with "the whole family, not just kids I don't know."  It's worried me a bit, but I've just let her be and haven't pushed her out of her comfort zone much.  I hate being out of my comfort zone, why sweat through seeing her out of hers? 

Then came gymnastics.  She really wanted to do it, and per usual, she wanted to do it "with the whole family."  We observed a class.  She loved it.  She refused to go back because of the "mom stays on the bleachers" rule.  I told her when she was ready to go she could let me know and acted as nonchalant as one can when they are worrying that their kid is an anti-social weirdo. 

She came around, and we're on week three of gymnastics lessons.  Me sitting in the bleachers, G busting out handstands and catching my eye and waving from 30 feet away.  It's a new vantage point for both of us. 

We're doing it, and I'm proud. 

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