Thursday, July 25, 2013

AK Sojourn

July in Alaska this year is different than a year ago.  A year marks so much change, and our summer sojourns to the homeland make tidy benchmarks.  Most notable this year:  1.  No diapers.  2.  No lactating.  3.  Perfect weather.  4.  Kid free time with my mama, thanks to my papa. 

I've been a bit checked out of my daily photo taking groove - but here are a few favorites from our trip.  I'll post the rest on my Realized Mama Facebook page here.

Mastering the vodka tonic:

Kachemak Bay:

Marking another year of bean poling:

Relaxing on the porch:



My kid holding a kid:

Beachin' it on big tides:

 I'm watching a big moon rise over the bay, listening to sandhill cranes, ignoring my 400 mosquito bites and loving this bite of time I have in a place I'll always call home.

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