Monday, July 8, 2013


Fourth of July - it's one of those days that really emphasizes differences between my husband and I.  I have a picture perfect day in mind.  Red white and blue, but not TOO red white and blue, more of a faded-old-glory-vintage red white and blue.  A parade.  A backyard barbeque with family and friends that includes a side dish of star shaped watermelon and blueberry salad.  Pinterestesque.  Drew, on the other hand, anticipates two things. 

1)  Haggling for quasi-legal fireworks on an Indian reservation. 

2)  Blowing up said quasi-legal fireworks after the sun goes down.  The end. 

I didn't get my parade this year (eclipsed by the extra long visit to the reservation - who can pass up an extra 35 minutes seeking out the best deal for explosives at Titty Titty Bang Bang??).

Why yes, that is my small child amongst tall men and big boobs seeking her favorite explosive.

Upon the realization of no parade again this year I found myself temporarily stuck in bitch mode.  As soon as we found ourselves gathered with friends for a barbeque I regained my jubilant spirit. 

Neighbors gathered at dusk at our house for the best fireworks in town.

Next year I'll skip the res and hit the parade solo if I have to.  Here I am, showing my true colors this Independence Day.

Let freedom (and quasi-legal explosives) ring!

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