Monday, August 12, 2013

A Wedding

Smith & Vallee employee Aric married lovely Amanda this weekend at our house.  The ceremony was in the gallery with dinner and a party in our yard.  I've been anticipating the date August 10 for weeks, preparing the garden to be the backdrop their day of love and celebration deserved.  I think I pulled off my end of the deal, and they surely did there's.

Genevieve made a new friend who was equally enthusiastic about sneaking off and feeding their Baby Alive dolls all of my best lotion and other 5 year-old shenanigans.  Not sure if that trumped playing with fire for them - but I do know they had a great time together.

Somehow I missed a snapshot of the bride and groom, but here are grandparents and parents dancing by the slough.  

It was pretty special to share this day with them.  

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  1. So Amanda's Mom, Karla, was the sister of one of my best friends from high school. I know all of Amanda's aunts and uncles quite well. Imagine my surprise when I recognized you and your place in the photos they posted on FB after the wedding! Small world!