Monday, October 13, 2014

Pink Flamingo

Marguerite:  I can cry if I need to.  It's my body.  I can have this wetness on my face as long as I need to.

Me:  You're right.  Cry when you need to.  But wrap it up soon because we need to head to town in 20 minutes.

Marguerite:  I might still have this wetness on my face.  Even in the car.  It's my body....

That's where we're at these days.  Lots of long cries in front of the mirror.  Herself as her audience.  Witness to her every whimper and tear.  Egging herself on.  Me trying not to laugh at the excessive drama.

She makes up for it by doing things like hiding a freshly picked bouquet behind her back so that she can surprise the cat with it when she gets home.

We have a tool in our house that reverses any bad mood.  It was discovered by Genevieve.  Sometimes at the top of the stairs.  Sometimes peaking above the kitchen counter.  Around the corner of a door. 

If and when you find yourself feeling blue/pissed/frustrated/generally stuck in bitch mode, just visualize this and soon you'll be laughing.  Even if you still have wetness on your face.

That's right.  A pink flamingo puppet that creeps around the corner at just the right time.

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