Friday, October 17, 2014

Someday, I'll Know

You guys.  Craziest thing happened to me this morning.  I found myself surrounded by 28 first graders.  28 FIRST GRADERS.  The most spastic, eager, enthusiastic, shy, naughty, funny, ants-in-their-pants having crew I've ever done time with. 

I was nervous about my first day volunteering in Genevieve's class.  Now I know why!  And I'm already looking forward to the next time. 

I waited in the rain for the school bus this afternoon.  A couple my parents age walked past me as the bus approached.  The woman smiled kindly at me and said, "It's Friday, no homework tonight!"  She's been there.  She knows.  The end of the week creeps up and piles exhausted kids on top of exhausted parents.

One of the benefits of living within a stone's throw of two bars is that take-out is an option for Friday night.  When Drew and I are all done with things like cooking and cleaning up after dinner while getting homework done and juggling daggers and paving the long road to bedtime we default to the Old Edison Inn for some damn fine ribs. 

As Drew carried half asleep Marguerite upstairs to bed I memorized their sweet silhouette.  Someday, I'll have been there.  I'll know.  And I'll miss these Friday nights.

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