Sunday, October 7, 2012

Her Words

The girls and I left Drew to his football game and walked to the playground this afternoon.  Marguerite fell asleep 30 seconds into our adventure, so Genevieve and I left her sleeping in the stroller and played in the sunshine (full disclosure: she played and I reclined on the suspension bridge - my favorite piece of playground equipment to date.  Wouldn't it be nice if every playground incorporated a row of chaise lounges for the moms?).

Genevieve brought her doll Mae along in her little stroller, so the walk home was slow going.  Apparently Mae really doesn't like going over anything bumpy.  I decided to let G lead the way rather than constantly harping on her about catching up and moving faster like I usually do.  We meandered the streets of Edison, stopped to swing on the Edison Eye railing, checked out a dead snake in the grass.  I was about to default to, "come on G.  Step it up.  I'm ready to be home" when I noticed a woman walking across the road towards us.  She had long, sparkling white hair, smooth olive skin, emerald green eyes.  She was beautiful.  As she passed by us on the sidewalk she smiled at me and softly said, "you're such a patient mama."  Genevieve leaned into my leg, my fingers automatically coiled into her curls.  We watched her walk away with the sun at our backs.  It's hard to explain how she made me feel other than to say it was like magic. 

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