Sunday, October 28, 2012

House Project: Downstairs Bathroom Reclaimed

Yesterday Drew entertained the girls for the better part of the day while I locked myself in the downstairs bathroom, rolled up my sleeves, and cleaned out all of the cabinets.  You see, since we started using the new bathroom upstairs a few weeks  ago we pretty much abandoned our former one and only (a post and pictures of the new bathroom pending the final strip of crown moulding and shower trim - don't hold your breath). 

I made it presentable and usable for my mom to use during her stay, and of course there's the daily ins and outs of family life and the 400 loads of laundry a day I do in there - but otherwise every ransacked drawer caked in pink toothpaste and every surface piled high with baskets and rubbermaids brimming over with miscellaneous had been abandoned.

After pitchforking through the detritus of a lively and colorful life and polishing up all of her bells and whistles, I present to you our downstairs bathroom/laundry room.  Go ahead, open any door or drawer.  Nothing to hide here.  All systems in place.  A phoenix rising from the ashes:

 Now will somebody please come over and clean that filthy mirror?  Because I've moved on.

Today was marked by decidedly less drudgery, less sneezing, huffing fewer chemicals, and breathing more fresh air. 

Marguerite may be usurping her sister's adventurous sense of style:

Here's Daddio recirculating his blood between football and baseball spectatorship.  Holy hell that was a long day of sports for those of us (me) who don't give a rat's ass about all things pro sports.  Good thing he's handsome:

And me and G in the great green field.

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