Tuesday, October 2, 2012

House Project: First Bath Fiasco

The plumbers spit their final wad of chewing tobacco into my hydrangeas this morning, trecked up the stairs with their tools and....finished installing the bathroom fixtures!

The girls and I made quick work of celebrating by cleaning up the aftermath (including a mouse turd on the window sill.  Shudder.  I'm trying not to think about it) and running the FIRST BATH EVER.  The girls played and laughed, and I enjoyed their preoccupation and got some chores done without their "help."

Everything was going swimmingly until they were getting dried off - and in unison their screams hit an ear piercing crescendo.  I remained calm.  Just kidding.  I completely panicked when I noticed that their bums, knees, elbows tops of feet, tummies, and my finger tips had been shredded by the no skid surface of the bathtub.  The rest of the day was spent trying to sooth their abraded skin and my bleeding fingers.  Awful.  New bathtub nightmare.  How do I go about taking a piece out of Home Depot?

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