Saturday, December 22, 2012

Baking Cookies and Writing Vows

Cookie time!  My mom makes these sugar cookies with french icing twice a year.  Christmas tree cookies in December, heart shaped cookies in February and I'm following suit.  I took three deep breaths, gave myself a talking to about setting perfectionism aside to make room for making memories, and invited the girls into the kitchen to help me bake.  We had so much messy, sugar fueled fun.

Wondering what Genevieve has stuffed inside her dress?  A stuffed animal and a bottle of hand sanitizer, just in case.

We hit the streets of Edison after all that toiling in the kitchen:

We ended our day at the wedding of great friends.   Ten minutes after arriving at their house they announced, "we're headed to the tavern for a drink.  We'll be back in 30 minutes - and you have that long to write our vows.  Ladies in the living room, men in the back room.  Go!"

We laughed, lobbied good ideas, shot down bad ones, and did our best to weave in love, the end of the world, new beginnings, family, Widespread Panic lyrics and cooking.  The ceremony that followed under the twinkling lights of their mini orchard was hilarious, sweet and as unconventional as can be.  A perfect reflection of who they are.  After the bride and groom smooched and hugged their daughters they yelled, "let's eat fried chicken!" and we followed them back into their cozy house for a feast. 

We walked home under the stars, holding our bundled up girls tight to block out the freezing night air. 

Happy Solstice!

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