Friday, December 7, 2012


I took the girls to Sweeties, the sweetest candy shop ever, to decorate gingerbread.  We left home in the dark, driving slowly through town to enjoy the Christmas lights.  "Those firefighters need to get busy decorating" G chimed in while we drove past the fire hall.  "I think they're busy doing their job keeping us all safe so probably don't have time to decorate."  "Oh.  That's nice of them.  Maybe someone should decorate for them."

Two kids in a candy shop is scarier than a bull in a china shop, but luckily Sheila and Mary, the sisters who own the shop, let them have free creative license and access to heaps of candy. 

 Genevieve couldn't help herself and took a drive-by nibble of her gingerbread girls' hand, all nonchalant like nobody would notice:

 Marguerite experienced the ultimate sugar high.  Here's the aftermath:

As soon as we were home G busied herself arranging their masterpieces just so:

We ended our day with a who can brush their teeth for the longest competition.

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