Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Grit

Genevieve woke up over the moon excited this morning.  It was her Christmas party at school, Santa and all.  She put on her fancy new party dress, complained minimally about wearing tights and belted out a few stanzas of Rudolph over breakfast. 

Marguerite, on the other hand, was not feeling as enthusiastic.  "Me no like Santa.  I a little shy.  I sick.  I go to bed."  Day six of her latest malaise and she and I were unraveling at the same pace.  Little sleep, lots of crying, and struggling in general makes it hard to keep up the holiday cheer.  By the time we crowded in to the little schoolhouse for the party Marguerite made it clear that she would have been better off at home.  As other parents snapped photos and beamed with pride at their construction paper antler wearing preschoolers singing in a circle, I was in the back trying to calm down my melting down youngest who decided it was a good time to scream about her nether regions hurting.  Not festive. 

By late afternoon it became clear that the source of our week of struggling was an ear infection.  Off to the doctor we zoomed.  Magic antibiotic elixir now in hand.  Sleep just may be in our future. 

I'll leave you with my elfin daughter's latest "look" - and yes, it does involve yellow highlighter snagged from my desk drawer.

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