Monday, December 31, 2012

The Rock House Girls

I lived in a house in Bellingham with four roommates when I was in college.  There was a huge rock in our backyard that deemed our abode the rock house, and we were the rock house girls.  We bonded with gusto, holding each others hair while we puked up too many jello shots, crying over boys, faithfully watching ER, Felicity and Friends, studying and cramming, packing on 20 pounds, running off 20 pounds, navigating the threshold from kid to adult.  Sixteen years later we have 11.5 kids between us, and crossed many more thresholds as we became career women, wives, mothers.  The interwebs have kept us connected - but there really is no replacement for gathering together.

For the first time in years we made it happen.  Four of the five of us converged at a restaurant for lunch, sans kids, and ate, drank, talked and laughed for three hours.  It was the best, and a perfect way to wrap up this year.

Cheers to history and old friends who don't miss a beat.

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