Monday, September 2, 2013

House Project: Ivory Lace

We tried FOURTEEN different colors for the exterior - not including trim options.  We settled on a gray we loved and decided to sleep on it one more night before committing.  We woke up with the same feeling.  We loved the gray, but we didn't want to change our building.  White was where we started.  White is where we ended.  There is a collage of words that float through my mind when I think of our building/home.  Historic.  Coastal.  Schoolhouse.  Traditional.  Northwest.  Decrepit old wooden building (I'm throwing that last bit in there to keep things real).  The color that defines all of these descriptors turned out to be white.

Ivory Lace to be exact.  So it's sexy too, for good measure.

 We're about a third of the way through painting this big beauty.  I'll wait until then to show it to you from every angle.  

(Disclaimer: Ninety percent of the landscaping survived the painting of this building.  The remaining ten percent were regretfully trompled and pulverized to death by large boots.)

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