Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kindergarten and Mimosas

Genevieve's first day of Kindergarten was today.  I've been wound up tight for the last 36 hours.

Here she is, getting ready to meet Stella and Nell in the ally to walk together to school.  Buzzing with excitement and nerves.

The Edison posse convened.

Saying goodbye and walking out of her classroom was heartbreaking and terrible.  

Coming home to my breakfast of mimosas and donut holes, shared with my friend Lisa, made it bearable.

Mimosas on the first day of school was my mom's tradition, a path of moms following the bus to Rosemary's house for kid-free revelry and sisterhood.

She had the right idea. 

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  1. Way cute, yeah I do remember the days when I could make it to the Champagne sendoff for us moms, often I needed to be at work, but I think of it every fall, cause now I have the time??? Anyway got a beautiful pic of margarite and I and am conjuring "outfits" for the Queens in your house, Love Lynne