Sunday, September 22, 2013

House Project: Paint

The last few weeks have been a torn up, loud, dusty mess.  Muddy boots and lots of men in and out and up and down the stairs.  Sanding, grinding, sawing, hammering.  I didn't know all that was part of painting a building.  Now I know. 

It was worth it.

Rotten window sills were replaced, holes patched up, spider highways caulked, deck trimmed out in cedar. 

The cottage trim was painted to match the house,

and the doors refinished and rehung now that we have gutters to protect them from the weather.

Opening and closing doors without having to hip check them is such a treat!

Next Up:
New "front" door for the house
New light fixture over front door
Moving a 2,000 pound concrete sign without forklift access.  Egyptian style.

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