Friday, September 27, 2013

Secret Towns

Half time kindergarten has its perks.  Now we know what it's like to have G gone all day in school, so days off are carefully crafted collages of fun and down time for my newly exhausted five year old.  We went to the LaConner Library this morning for story hour.  Fewer things are more awkward for me than singing songs and holding hands with strangers, but I sucked it up and participated.

While we were walking through town for lunch Genevieve said, "this place is gorgeous!  I just want to walk slowly and look at every building.  Is this even a real town?"

On the way home we stopped at Christianson's Nursery to buy a hardy fuchsia shrub for an empty corner along the fence, and to visit the rabbits.

Weekday excursions to quiet places, normally crazy crowded on the weekends, leave us feeling like we have whole secret towns to ourselves.

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