Saturday, April 13, 2013

Common Sense

Common sense is something I notice and admire.  I have enough of it to have become a relatively successful adult, but I usually acquire it the hard way. 

For example, I was driving to town with both girls, on our way to run errands.  I was deep in thought about my blog - thinking about adding something new to freshen it up.  I think mom blogs that include "how-to" advice regarding parenting are patronizing and annoying, so I was thinking through how I could include helpful tips gleaned from my parenting adventures without coming across as someone who is overly impressed with herself.

I decided to include a "Common Sense" page.  My first tip:  when running errands with little ones, find a parking spot as close as possible to the cart return.  That way you minimize the amount of time they are left alone in the car while you return the cart, dodging every lunatic who feels inclined to drive like a bat out of hell. 

I've really got this parking lot thing dialed, I was thinking.  Then, as I backed out of my spot I proceeded to scrape my bumper along the metal railing that corrals the shopping carts.  Let me refine my tip, park close to the cart return, and be careful not to smash your car in to the cart return.  Like I said, I figure these things out the hard way.

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