Friday, April 12, 2013

Real Time

Drew asked me what I had planned for this weekend and got bombarded with things like, "I need you to move the frig so I can vacuum behind it, and the couch too, and I have a load of stuff to drop at Goodwill, and maybe we can all go to Costco because I want to buy an umbrella for the upstairs deck but it's too heavy for me to lift in the car, but first we need to clean out the inside of my car because it's a pig sty, and I have a new grant proposal to bust out by April 29 so I'll need some work time." 

Sounds super fun, right??  On second thought, what I want out of this predictably rainy weekend is to watch a movie, take a long bath, sleep in, drink coffee in bed, eat popcorn for dinner, have a dance party to recirculate our blood, and trace raindrops on the windows. 

Surely something will play out in the realistic space between drudgery and luxury. 

I picked a few flowers from the garden this morning to bring Spring in while April showers lash.

The best kind of bottled beauty and happiness.

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