Sunday, April 7, 2013


April showers set in to stay this weekend.  We did our best to work around them.  G practiced gymnastics on the covered porch,

we played a mean game of hide and seek,

took a walk around town and to the school playground when there was a break in the rain, that digressed into a long crawl home,

sought refuge in a bamboo grove along the way that immediately turned Genevieve into a ninja waiting to attack her innocent sister.

We checked out the little free library, and my heart skipped a beat while I watched G thumb through the pages of Little House on the Prairie, and carefully tuck it in to her jacket for safekeeping.  If you don't have one of these little libraries in your neighborhood, you should. 

We watched Daddy make art,

rallied for a late night in the gallery for an opening,

and rounded off a busy weekend with a visit to Jess and Dean's at Harmony Fields to bottle feed a lamb.

Rain.  It knows how to get it done here in the Pacific Northwest, that's for sure.

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